SEBI passed "Exit Order" on December 26, 2014 granting approval to voluntary surrender of recognition and "exit" of the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited. Clause 11 (d) of the "Exit" order passed by SEBI directed the Company to change its name and not to use the expression "Stock Exchange" or any variant of this expression in its name and to avoid any representation of present or past affiliation with the stock exchange, in all media.

    Pursuant to the Special Resolution passed by the shareholders on April 27, 2015 by way of Postal Ballot, application was made to Registrar of Companies (ROC), Bangalore for change in name of the Company from Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited to "BgSE Properties and Securities Limited". ROC, Bangalore approved the change of name and updated MCA site with the new name of the Company on May 14, 2015. New Certificate of Incorporation issued by ROC, Bangalore pursuant to change in name of the Company has been displayed on the website of the Company.

    With the de-recognition of the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited, the Company has stopped all stock exchange related activities with effect from December 26, 2014. The new objects of the Company, i.e. BgSE Properties and Securities Limited, are as under:
    Voluntary Surrender of Recognition and Exit by the erstwhile Stock Exchange
    Pursuant to the special resolution passed by the share-holders in the EGM held on September 21, 2013; the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited submitted a formal application for “Voluntary surrender of recognition” and “Exit” as a stock exchange to SEBI on October 8, 2013, which was approved by SEBI by passing an “EXIT” order in respect of the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited on December 26, 2014.
    • To acquire by purchase, taking on lease or otherwise lands and buildings and all other property movable and immovable which the Company may, from time to time, think proper to acquire.
    • To sell, improve, manage, develop, jointly develop, exchange, lease or let, under-lease, or sublet, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Company.
    • To construct upon any premises acquired or any building or buildings for the purpose of the Company and to alter, to add to or remove any building upon such premises.
    • To borrow or raise any moneys required for the purposes of the Company upon such terms and in such manner and on such securities as may be determined and in particular by the issue of debentures charged upon all or any of the properties of the Company including its uncalled capital.
    • To provide services like maintenance of the premises, house keeping, security services, office maintenance and other related services to the tenants / occupants of the property taken on lease or owned by the Company.
    Listed companies of the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange
    As on December 26, 2014, there were 255 companies listed on the Stock Exchange. Out of which 225 were listed on BgSE and other Stock Exchange(s). There were 30 exclusively listed companies which did not get listed on other Stock Exchanges and were moved to Dissemination Board of BSE Limited in terms of clause 3 of SEBI circular dated May 30, 2012.
    Members of the erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange
    The erstwhile Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited Exchange had 255 members serving the diverse needs of investors. Out of which 122 were Corporate Members and the remaining 133 were Individual members.

    In terms of Clause 3 of SEBI Circular No.MRD/DoP/SE/Cir-36/2008 dated December 29, 2008; upon de-recognition of the Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd., SEBI registration certificates as Trading Members of the Exchange stood cancelled. However, SEBI registration certificates of the Trading Members as sub-brokers of BgSE Financials Limited on NSE and / or BSE shall continue to be valid. All the investors of sub brokers shall continue to trade through BgSE Financials Limited and avail DP services without any interruption.
  • Board of Directors
    Sl.No Name & Designation
    1 Mr. M Gowtham Chand, Chairman
    2 Mr. Sanjay Sakaria, Shareholder Director
    3 Mr. Shiva Mohan B, Shareholder Director
    4 Mr. R Babu, Shareholder Director
    5 Mr. K M Sivaraman, Shareholder Director
    6 Mr. Vinod G Jain, Executive Director
  • Directors’ Contact Details
    S.No Name of the Director Position Mobile No. Email id
    1 Mr. M. Gowtham Chand Chairman 9740075555 gmarlecha@gmail.com
    2 Mr. K. Ishwara Bhat Director 9844038530 ishwar.andco@gmail.com
    3 Mr. Kumar Vinod P Nadagouda Director 9449813669 ganeshaagrotech@gmail.com
    4 Mr. Sanjay Sakaria Director 9449850664 sakariasanjay@gmail.com
    5 Mr. Shiva Mohan B Director 9448083057 aithalsmb@gmail.com
    6 Mr. R. Babu Director 9341222973 cabna09@gmail.com
    7 Mr. Vinod G. Jain Director 9740054321 vmarlecha@gmail.com
    8 Mr. K.M. Sivaraman Director 9324464715 kmsivaraman@rediffmail.com
    9 Mr. Manjit Singh Executive Director 080-41575566 ed@bgse.co.in
    10 Mr. V. Jayagopal PCS 9341240595 jayagopalassociates@gmail.com
  • List of Committees
    • img3

      Share Transfer Committee

      Mr. Sanjay Sakaria, Chairman
      Mr. K M Sivaraman
      Mr. Vinod G Jain, Executive Director
    • img1

      Audit Committee

      Mr. Shiva Mohan B - Chairman
      Dr. S T Ramachandra
      Mr. M Gowtham Chand
      Mr. Sanjay Sakaria
      Mr. R Babu
      Mr. Vinod G Jain, Executive Director
  • List of Departments
    fin Department's Name
    Finance & Accounts
    Ms. K Pavani
    Tel No.
    sec Department's Name
    Secretariate / Secretary to ED
    Mr. Nalla Muthu
    Tel No.

    leg Department's Name
    Administration & Legal
    Mr. Paul Jayaker
    Tel No.
  • Corporate Office
    sec BgSE Properties and Securities limited,
    Stock Exchange Towers,
    No.51, 1st Cross, J.C. Road
    Bangalore – 560027
    Tel No : 080-41575566
    Email ID : ed_secretary@bgse.co.in
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